Dutch Man Arrested Over Suspected Spying at Siemens

World News | Fri Apr 7, 2017 | 6:20am EDT

By Thomas Escritt and Toby Sterling | AMSTERDAM

AMSTERDAM Siemens said on Friday that an employee had been arrested in the Netherlands in a case which the country’s financial crimes prosecutor said involved suspected espionage for a Chinese competitor.

“I can confirm that a Siemens Netherlands employee was arrested by police yesterday for questioning,” Siemens spokesman Leo Freriks said.

He said the investigation was directed “at the employee and not Siemens as a company”. He did not disclose which department the employee worked for or whether it was known if secrets had been leaked.

Headquartered in Germany, Siemens is a leading European manufacturer involved in sectors including automation, building technologies, drive technology, healthcare, mobility, energy and consumer products.

The man, whom they identified as a 65-year-old living in the province of Twente, is suspected of having leaked patent and other company secrets, the Netherlands’ national financial crimes prosecutor said in a statement.

Investigators said the man was detained on a train station platform as he was about to travel to China.

In addition to searching his baggage, they raided his home and workplace, seizing several digital memory devices.

Corporate espionage cases rarely come to light in the Netherlands.