Hidden Recorder Discovered in Commissioners’ Office

Thursday, June 01, 2017

County officials consider opening an investigation

By Leah Wankum/Richmond News Editor

A recording device was discovered hidden in the Ray County commissioners’ office late last week.

The small, thin, black recorder – the size of a thumb drive – was found on one of the chairs at a table near the entrance to the office. On the device was a piece of clear tape, rolled sticky side out. County officials suspected that it had been stuck to the bottom of the table.

The device was found late Friday morning, just before a meeting among Eastern Commissioner Allen Dale, Prosecuting Attorney Camille Johnston and Sheriff Garry Bush. Donna Dunwoodie, the county roads and bridges secretary, discovered it lying on the chair when she was arranging chairs for the meeting.

The complete story is in the Friday, May 26, 2017 Richmond News.

NOTE:  This is an issue I’ve frequently thought about with the ease of deploying these recording and transmitting devices.  City counsel chambers where closed sessions are conducted, judges’ chambers where they meet with attorneys, the offices of corporate general counsel, CEO offices, and the list goes on and on.