About TSS

Technical Surveillance Solutions LLC (TSS) is a veteran owned small business staffed by former law enforcement and military veterans.  All technicians have extensive experience in the facility security field and in the protection of sensitive information.

TSS is first and foremost a service organization.  In that regard we work to foster long-term relationships with the clients we partner with.  We are discrete in all aspects of our relationship with clients.  Confidentiality with regards to our relationship is paramount.

TSS is fully insured.

TSS is comprised of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) specialists focused solely on conducting inspections of corporate conference rooms, offices, hotel rooms, hotel conference rooms, the homes of corporate executives and high-profile individuals, or any area where sensitive or confidential conversations are conducted.  Our objectives are to (1) help you keep your personal information safe, (2) ensure that corporate business information, trade secrets, and intellectual property does not get into the hands of a competitor or foreign government who would exploit it for financial gain or to deprive you of market competitiveness and (3) ensure that confidential communications protected by the attorney-client relationship are not compromised.

TSS provides services to law offices, corporations to include the residences of their executives, government offices, political offices, investment banks, high profile individuals, or any party with electronic eavesdropping concerns.  We also offer vehicle inspections if tracking devices, transmitters, or recorders are suspected.  Additionally we conduct inspections of corporate or leased aircraft and marine conveyance (yachts).   

TSS does not provide private investigative services, body guards or executive protection, polygraph or lie detection services, or security and patrol services.  However, TSS is happy to come along side and assist corporate security directors, private investigators, law firms, contract security providers, business consultants, and meeting planners in those cases where technical support is required due to suspicions or concerns regarding electronic intrusion (transmitting devices, recorders, hidden cameras, phone taps, GPS trackers, and the emerging threat of AirTag trackers).

TSS advocates being proactive in protecting sensitive information and communications.  Once a critical piece of information is compromised it’s too late to protect it and you are forced into damage control mode.  TSCM inspections are much like having your fire extinguishers inspected periodically.  Even though you haven’t had to use the extinguishers to put out a fire you still want to have them ready just in case.  Just because you had a TSCM inspection conducted two or three years ago doesn’t mean the areas where you conduct sensitive conversations are still secure and free of electronic devices.

As an added service to our clients TSS conducts a comprehensive physical security assessment of all locations where we perform TSCM inspections at no charge to the client.  We believe electronic intrusion and physical security go hand-in-hand.  It makes no sense to inspect an area for electronic intrusion devices if there isn’t an appropriate security plan in place to ensure a device will not be installed as soon as the TSCM inspection team is gone.


Our mission is to protect the sensitive personal and business information, trade secrets, and intellectual property of our clients and enhance their facility security so they can maintain a competitive advantage in their respective market place.

Professional and Experienced Staff:
Over 100 years of combined law enforcement and military experience.

All TSS staff are both military and law enforcement veterans to include a retired lead technical investigator for a major metropolitan police department, a retired technical specialist with the FBI, a retired DEA technical specialist, a retired US government surveillance specialist, and a retired police manager with over 25 years of operational experience conducting specialized building entries and an extensive background conducting facility security assessments both in the US and abroad. TSS is unique in that our staff are not only experienced with the defensive aspects of TSCM but the offensive aspects as well.

All communications with our current and prospective clients are held in the strictest  confidence.  Your identity or security concerns will never be compromised.

Area of Operation: 
TSS is based in the Rocky Mountains west of Colorado Springs, CO.  Our technicians are strategically located in Colorado, Illinois, and Florida which allows us a great deal of flexibility in responding to your TSCM concerns and requirements.  We provide our services throughout the United States and globally.  We are happy to travel to your location to provide the services you may need.  In an emergency we can be on the next available commercial flight to your location.

State-of-the-Art Inspection Equipment
All of our primary inspection equipment is manufactured by Research Electronics International (REI), arguably the world’s leading manufacturer of TSCM equipment.  That equipment is supplemented by a variety of equipment manufactured by well-known companies such as Berkeley Varitronics, FLIR and TSCM Consulting (UK) .  This is the same equipment the U.S. government and many foreign entities use when they inspect their classified and sensitive facilities and spaces.