The International Travel Awareness Course (ITAC), is an 8 hour modular course that can be tailored for traveling executives, short term mission groups, or just groups going on an international trip.

The world is changing in every corner of the globe.  Areas previously considered “safe” for travel now pose safety risks that range from petty crimes to violent attacks.  Much of this risk can be mitigated through training on easy-to-implement strategies that will “harden” you as a target.

The ITAC was created to prepare persons traveling abroad on business, outreach, or leisure trips.  The course is taught by experienced instructors with both law enforcement and military backgrounds.  Our instructors all have extensive international travel experience.

Subjects covered in the ITAC include:

  • SITREP (Situation Report) – circumstances in the world have changed. Information specific to your planned travel destination will be provided.
  • Travel Preparation Basics – travel insurance, notifications, travel electronics, inoculations, and proper attire.
  • Personal Safety – to include situational awareness, counter-surveillance, protecting sensitive information, reducing your profile, and more.
  • Emergency Medicine When Abroad – includes recommended travel medications and suggested trauma preparations.
  • Hotel Safety and Security.
  • Overland Travel and Managing a Convoy (two or more vehicles traveling together).
  • Defeating the Attack Cycle and Defensive Tactics.
  • Defeating Human Restraints.
  • Personnel Recovery – Overdue Staff, Kidnapping, Government Detention.
  • The “Active Shooter” Phenomenon, Knife and Vehicle Attacks, and Response Measures.

If you or your organization would benefit from this training please contact us so we can arrange a customized course at your facility designed to meet your specific needs.