Request Information

If you would like additional information, need to schedule a consultation with one of our staff, or would like to request a quote please complete the form below.  The form will be sent directly to our phone and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Your information will be held in strict confidence from our very first communication.

You may also call or text 719-301-3931, our on-call number.  Please keep in mind that we turn off our cell phones when conducting TSCM inspections.  If you receive a message that we’re unavailable PLEASE LEAVE A DETAILED MESSAGE.  We’ll call you back as soon as we turn our cell phones back on.

Please note that we are located in the Mountain Time Zone.

If you suspect that your office spaces, conference rooms, residence, vehicle(s) or any other sensitive area have been compromised please follow these recommendations:

(1) Do not discuss your suspicions with anyone outside your immediate circle of influence or reference your suspicions while in the area of concern.

(2) Contact us from a place away from your area of concern.   We recommend using a friend’s phone or computer.  Another option is to obtain a “throw away” cell phone (Walmart, Best Buy, Radio Shack) or create an “alias” e-mail account (G-mail or Yahoo) and use that account for all correspondence with us.

(3) Advise us of the preferred method of contact and the required contact information (alias e-mail address or phone number).

If you feel your mobile device, computer, or computer network has been compromised we will put you in contact with experts in the cell phone and computer forensics fields for assistance.