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Theft risks to corporate intelligence through illicit surveillance is an increasing threat! With a case load over $13 billion, here’s what the FBI is saying about corporate espionage:

“Foreign economic espionage against the U.S. is a significant
and growing threat to our country’s economic health
and security…and so is the threat from corporate
insiders willing to carry it out.”

 FBI Launches Nationwide Economic Espionage Campaign — For full details click here.

How much is your business information, trade secrets, and intellectual property worth?

If your critical business information, trade secrets, or intellectual property is compromised through a physical or electronic intrusion what would the effect be on your organization?

How would a compromise of your critical information affect your competitive business advantage?

Would a competitor’s acquisition of your strategy in pending negotiations give them an undo advantage?

If you are a high-profile individual would a compromise of your sensitive personal information and activities affect your safety, and that of your family, or result in embarrassment?

If you are in the legal field how would the release of sensitive information protected by the attorney-client privilege, but nefariously gathered through electronic eavesdropping, adversely affect you, your client, or pending litigation?

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), a process commonly known as a “bug sweep”, is a procedure whereby areas of concern are thoroughly inspected using very sophisticated electronic equipment designed to ferret out transmitters, recording devices, hidden cameras, and other means used to compromise your sensitive information, intellectual property, trade secrets, and confidential communications.

Our staff has extensive experience protecting the sensitive information your organization or firm MUST safeguard.  We are intimately familiar with both the physical and electronic threats that exist in the world today and understand the many methods used to exploit common vulnerabilities.

We have significant experience identifying physical and electronic threats within the corporate environment, for high-profile persons, and for those who may find themselves in the midst of legal issues that could bring about electronic or physical snooping.

If you feel your firm, organization, corporation, or you as an individual is at risk, or would like to be proactive and protect yourself before you find yourself at risk, contact us for a confidential discussion about your concerns or to arrange a TSCM inspection.