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From foreign governments and corporate rivals to media outlets and private information collectors, unscrupulous entities often deploy electronic surveillance tactics to steal a march in the marketplace or to acquire potentially damaging information. The uninvited extraction of such sensitive information can range from mere embarrassment to blackmail scenarios to potentially valuable business secrets.

We specialize in the identification and neutralization of these invasive practices and devices. Our veteran-owned firm is a champion in the field of technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), or as you may better know it, “bug sweeps.”

TSCM is essentially a thorough examination of areas of concern to detect electronic devices capable of unauthorized information transmission or recording. These can range from miniature digital recorders and transmitters to small cameras, GPS trackers, or GSM devices installed in your vehicle.


We at TSS understand the importance of regular and comprehensive TSCM evaluations. This holds especially true if your business stakes exist in “high risk” sectors or if you’re a high-profile individual. We’re flexible to your needs, willing to perform these measures semi-annually, annually, or even more frequently in high-threat situations. Our seasoned staff is ready to help assess your risk as required.

For those in technologically oriented industries, the potential for espionage efforts by foreign governments or competing enterprises looms large. Legal professionals working on sensitive, high-profile cases may also find themselves in the crosshair of private operatives or the paparazzi.

If you represent an organization with a high public profile, advocating for potentially controversial social issues, be aware that you too might be a target for electronic surveillance from contrary advocacy groups.

In the simplest terms, if you have information others covet, you may be a target of electronic surveillance. As technology continues to advance, eavesdropping devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated and readily attainable, enhancing the likelihood of becoming a victim of electronic surveillance.

Without compromising your operation or privacy, we are poised to execute discreet TSCM inspections during the daytime, evenings, or weekends. In the event of a sensitive internal meeting, our team will ensure no transmitting devices are in place and assist in identifying unauthorized personal electronic devices of attendees, as these may transmit confidential discussions out of the room.

Our expertise extends towards physical security assessments too, as technical surveillance threats can be introduced electronically through cyber-attacks or physically through unauthorized entries. We begin by identifying unknown security vulnerabilities, and we’ll help pinpoint means to eradicate identified security exposures.

Your peace of mind is our priority. Regardless of the robustness of your security hardware, an adversary can easily enter sensitive areas and install devices. Our approach to TSCM and site security is holistic. We firmly believe that ensuring an environment is free of electronic devices is futile if an adversary can easily infiltrate sensitive areas.

If you’re interested in a comprehensive security assessment or a thorough sweep of your facility, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re TSS, and we’re here to shield you from the unseen.


Clues…Or Signs Indicating Electronic Surveillance

Consider the following alert signs in your office, home, or car that may suggest the presence of hidden cameras, audio transmitters, or tracking devices. Should you notice any of these clues, immediately contact TSS from a location outside the concerning area for a complimentary consultation.

Do NOT make the call from a phone in the suspected area, a cordless phone, or a mobile phone you have concerns about.

Key signs to be vigilant for include:

  • Others seem privy to your confidential business or professional secrets.
  • Outcomes of covert meetings somehow become public knowledge.
  • There’s uncanny awareness of your activities by others.
  • Your telecommunication lines are interrupted by strange sounds or abrupt volume changes.
  • You hear static, popping, or scratching sounds on your phone.
  • Odd sounds come from your phone, even when not in use.
  • Interference disrupts your AM/FM radio.
  • You’ve suffered a break-in, yet nothing’s missing.
  • Electrical wall plates seem disturbed or slightly shifted.
  • A small discoloration has mysteriously appeared on your wall or ceiling.
  • You receive unexpected electronic gifts, like a desk radio or digital clock.
  • A minor bump or deformity surfaces on the vinyl baseboard near the floor.
  • Wooden baseboards or wall guards look manipulated or removed.
  • A smoke detector, wall clock, or lamp appears crooked, has a hole, or a suspicious reflective surface.
  • An unfamiliar item appears in your space, and no one claims knowledge.
  • Dry wall debris or dust is found near the wall.
  • Small chunks of ceiling tiles are scattered on the floor or desk.
  • Ceiling tiles crack, chip or fit poorly, without a valid explanation.

There are numerous other indications of covert surveillance not mentioned here. If you believe your sensitive business data, trade secrets, or personal information is vulnerable due to eavesdropping, please contact us. Provide a safe contact number and/or email outside your area of concern, and we’ll promptly reach out. If secure communication via encrypted email or messaging is preferred, let us know and we’ll arrange it swiftly.

Remember – “When in doubt, there is no doubt.”

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