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Learn about Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) with the experts at Technical Surveillance Solutions (TSS).

A TSCM sweep is a thorough physical and electronic inspection conducted to detect and neutralize any unauthorized eavesdropping devices or surveillance equipment that may be present in a particular area. This proactive measure is often employed by businesses, government agencies, and high-profile individuals to safeguard sensitive information and protect against potential espionage threats. The TSCM process involves utilizing specialized equipment and expertise to sweep for bugs, hidden cameras, wiretaps, and other covert listening devices, ensuring a secure environment free from unauthorized surveillance.

At TSS, we prioritize safeguarding your privacy and security by thoroughly detecting electronic eavesdropping devices that could compromise your sensitive information. Our advanced equipment ensures comprehensive sweeps to identify any unauthorized surveillance devices. The process, which can last hours or days depending on the area size, may disrupt daily routines. Hiring an experienced expert like TSS is crucial for accurate results. We are staffed with former intelligence and counterintelligence employees with experience in bugging devices, tscm training, corporate bug sweep services, tscm inspections and more. Centrally located in Colorado, TSS can respond anywhere within the continental United States, we stand ready to help with all your counter-surveillance needs. We invite you to reach out to us via our contact form, or by using a secure location to call us at 719-301-3931 to schedule a free consultation.

The Power of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Our team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to detect and eliminate covert surveillance threats with precision, efficiency, and discretion.

Our Specializations Include:

  • Identifying and neutralizing hidden cameras

  • Detecting clandestine microphones and transmitters

  • Locating GPS, cellular, and Bluetooth trackers (AirTags, etc.) using advanced TSCM equipment

  • Uncovering wiretaps and other listening devices

  • Comprehensive Security Approach:

With a thorough and methodical approach, TSS ensures the highest levels of privacy and security for both your personal and professional environments. Our services are designed to provide you with peace of mind by safeguarding against potential privacy breaches.

Why Choose TSS:

  • Expertise in advanced surveillance detection – we have over 100 years of combined experience.

  • Commitment to discretion and confidentiality – staffed by retired military and law enforcement, providing exceptional counter surveillance and bug sweep services.

  • Proven track record in maintaining the integrity of secure spaces – we work with a wide range of clients across all industries.

You can trust our seasoned TSCM professionals to protect your information and ensure a secure environment, free from unauthorized surveillance threats. Call us at 719-301-3931 for a free consultation.

The Importance of TSCM Sweeps

In our always-connected, internet-enabled world, guarding against constant threats like corporate espionage and privacy breaches and protecting your confidential data is crucial. Our TSCM bug sweep services can help you defend against unauthorized access to sensitive information and maintain a secure environment. Their importance is critical to ensuring your sensitive information remains safe, particularly through counter surveillance measures and regular bug sweeping services.

Varieties of Technical Surveillance Threats

There are many forms of technical surveillance threats that can jeopardize your privacy and security:

  • Audio Devices : Concealed microphones or audio bugs may be planted in offices, boardrooms, vehicles, or personal belongings.

  • Video Devices : Covert cameras have the capacity to capture visual footage surreptitiously.

  • GPS and Cellular Trackers : These discreet devices can be affixed to vehicles or assets for tracking purposes.

  • Wiretaps : Unauthorized interception of telephone conversations through physical taps on phone lines or compromised VoIP phone service.

  • Cyber Threats : Remote hacking endeavors targeting computer systems or networks.

By familiarizing yourself with these distinct threat categories, you will gain insight into why these sweeps are indispensable for upholding confidentiality.

Perils and Ramifications

For organizations or governmental entities, neglecting routine TSCM sweeps can expose you to potential risks such as:

  • Loss of Intellectual Property : Competitors gaining access to proprietary information could undermine business strategies and innovation, making a corporate TSCM bug sweep critical for companies dealing with sensitive and confidential information.

  • Breach of Personal Privacy : Unauthorized individuals obtaining personal information may lead to identity theft or blackmail.

  • Legal Consequences : Violations of privacy laws can culminate in legal repercussions, reputational harm, and financial penalties.

It’s important to take proactive measures in safeguarding your assets—both personal and professional—by enlisting the services of proficient technical surveillance countermeasure sweep provider . If you’re worried about security, please contact TSS today to learn how we can help. We are veteran owned and operated and serve the Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo, Colorado areas. We’re also available for quick deployment anywhere across the United States. For assistance, please contact us today.

Why You May Need A Sweep Service

Ensuring privacy and security is more critical than ever before. With the seemingly yearly advances in electronic surveillance technology, unauthorized surveillance poses a significant threat to both individuals and organizations. This is where TSCM sweep services play a crucial role. If you’re worried about your corporate or governmental privacy, contact us today for a free consultation. TSS is centrally located in Colorado with personnel prepared to travel on short notice.

Privacy Risks on the Rise

In the contemporary era of global connectivity, the proliferation of electronic devices and digital platforms has significantly heightened the susceptibility to privacy violations. This escalating risk is not solely the domain of nefarious cybercriminals; it extends to corporate espionage agents and potentially disaffected insiders within organizations. These entities can adeptly navigate or manipulate the vulnerabilities inherent in modern communication infrastructures, thereby gaining unauthorized access to confidential data. The implications of such breaches are profound, affecting not only the integrity of personal and corporate information but also the broader landscape of information security.

Protecting Sensitive Data

For both executive individuals and corporate entities entrusted with sensitive data, the importance of securing confidential information cannot be overstated. Regularly performing thorough security checks is vital in detecting and reducing risk from hidden surveillance devices such as cameras, audio recorders, GPS trackers, and other covert listening or tracking tools. Such preventive measures are essential to forestall potential breaches, ensuring that the sanctity and security of privileged information remain uncompromised. If you have concerns or questions, call us at 719-301-3931 to schedule a free consultation.

Legal Compliance

Unauthorized surveillance not only violates privacy rights but also carries severe legal consequences for those involved in such activities. Engaging TSS for a sweep service proactively demonstrates due diligence in protecting personal or business interests while deterring potential wrongdoers from illicit surveillance attempts.

Upholding Reputation and Trust

Trust is essential for maintaining relationships with clients and stakeholders; therefore, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information becomes crucial. Regular investment in TSCM maintenance as part of your security protocol sends a clear message that you prioritize data protection and uphold operational integrity.

Peace of Mind

Knowing comprehensive measures are in place to counter electronic eavesdropping offers peace of mind personally and professionally. It allows you to focus on priorities without constant worry about someone listening in on confidential conversations or monitoring activities.

Staying Ahead of Threats

As we mentioned earlier, surveillance technology is constantly evolving with new sophisticated methods emerging regularly. A professional sweep service ensures your business stays ahead by leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge equipment, necessary to detect advanced surveillance devices effectively.

Confidentiality Assurance

Reputable providers such as TSS understand the importance of client confidentiality and adhere to strict protocols to ensure that discovered information remains secure and confidential. This provides peace of mind, knowing that your privacy is protected throughout the process.

How TSCM Sweep Services Work

Initial Consultation

The process kicks off with an initial consultation where you can express your concerns and specific needs to the TSCM service provider. This step allows them to understand your unique situation and customize their approach accordingly.

Risk Assessment

Following the initial consultation, a TSCM expert will conduct a thorough risk assessment of your premises or location. They will pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and devise effective strategies for conducting the sweep.

Physical Inspection

At this stage in the process, highly trained professionals will physically inspect all areas of concern to uncover any hidden devices or signals used for eavesdropping or surveillance purposes. This includes meticulous checks of walls, ceilings, furniture, electrical outlets, communication lines, and other possible hiding spots.

Spectrum Analysis

Advanced technology is employed during a sweep to perform spectrum analysis by scanning radio frequencies across different spectrums to detect unauthorized transmissions or signals indicating covert listening devices.

Electronic Device Detection

In addition to physical inspections and spectrum analysis, specialized equipment is utilized by TSCM experts to detect electronic devices like bugs or cameras planted for surveillance purposes. These detectors can identify even the smallest electronic signatures emitted by these devices.

Data Analysis

Throughout the entire process, data collected from various scans and inspections is meticulously analyzed by experienced professional’s adept at identifying anomalies or suspicious activities related to electronic surveillance threats.


After finishing scans and analyses, TCSM service provider creates a detailed report with findings and recommendations to minimize risks and enhance security measures.

By enlisting professional TCSM sweep services, you can rest assured that your privacy remains intact from potential electronic surveillance threats. The expertise possessed by these professionals, coupled with their cutting-edge equipment, ensures a thorough sweeping process leaving no room for compromise.

If you feel your organization could benefit from any of the above sweep services, please contact TSS today to schedule your free consultation.

Choosing the Right Provider

Selecting the Best Service Provider

When it comes to safeguarding your privacy and security, choosing the right Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweep service provider is paramount. With surveillance technology becoming increasingly sophisticated, having experts who can effectively detect and neutralize potential threats is essential. Below are some primary criteria you should consider when looking for a TSCM provider.


Always ensure a company you’re interviewing has extensive knowledge and expertise in conducting TSCM sweeps. Look for professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement or military intelligence who possess the skills needed to identify hidden devices and analyze electronic signals by utilizing state-of-the-art TSCM equipment.


Prioritize a service provider with years of experience performing successful TSCM sweeps across various environments like corporate offices, private residences, government facilities, or vehicles. An experienced company will have encountered different scenarios and developed effective strategies for detecting surveillance devices.

Advanced Technology

Ensure that the service provider uses state-of-the-art equipment capable of detecting even the most sophisticated eavesdropping devices such as spectrum analyzers, NLJDs, thermal imaging cameras, and near field RF signal detectors.

Comprehensive Services

Choose a reputable TSCM service provider offering tailored services based on your specific needs – whether you require periodic sweeps for ongoing protection or suspect an immediate threat.


Privacy should be a top priority when dealing with sensitive information related to countermeasures against surveillance threats. Select a service provider that prioritizes confidentiality throughout their operations by implementing strict protocols for handling client data.

Training Programs

Consider if the company offers training programs related to counter-surveillance techniques or awareness – this shows their commitment to staying updated on the latest surveillance threats and equipping clients with knowledge to identify risks.


TSS is networked with a broad range of technical specialists to ensure that all aspects of our client’s security needs are met.  Our affiliates include:

  • Cybersecurity Specialists

  • Cell Phone Forensic Specialist

  • Threat Assessment Experts

  • Executive Protection Professionals

  • Construction Experts Specializing In Secure Spaces (safe rooms)

  • Maritime (Super Yacht) Security Operatives

After factoring in the above points, choose a TSCM provider that guarantees privacy and security, utilizing expert knowledge and advanced technology to maintain confidentiality of personal or company data.

At TSS , we take pride in our extensive expertise and experience conducting thorough sweeps using cutting-edge technology and highly trained professionals from law enforcement and military intelligence backgrounds. We’ve successfully conducted numerous sweeps across various environments, providing peace of mind through comprehensive services tailored to individual needs while maintaining strict confidentiality throughout.

Getting started with us is easy – contact us via phone or email, providing basic information about your requirements for professional TSCM counter surveillance services. We’ll ask some basic questions and guide you towards securing your privacy against potential threats. Choose TSS as your trusted partner because when it comes to safeguarding what matters most, there’s no room for compromise!

How much does a TSCM bug sweep cost?

The cost of a TSCM bug sweep varies depending on factors such as the size of the area to be swept, the complexity of the electronic devices involved, and the level of expertise required. Generally, prices for TSCM bug sweeps start at around $500 and can go up to several thousand dollars for more extensive sweeps. Contact TSS for a specific quote tailored to your unique needs. Remember, ensuring the security of your sensitive information is priceless.

Why Choose TSS for Your Surveillance Needs

Expert TSCM Sweep Services at Your Fingertips!

Expertise is key. At TSS, we take pride in our team’s extensive knowledge and proficiency in conducting thorough and effective counter surveillance sweeps.

Skilled Professionals

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in military and law enforcement. Through rigorous training and necessary certifications, we are equipped to handle even the most intricate TSCM investigations.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use advanced technology in our counter surveillance sweeps to accurately detect hidden electronic devices and potential transmission signals that may pose a threat to your privacy or security. Our specialized equipment includes spectrum analyzers, non-linear junction detectors, hidden camera detection tools, and thermal imaging cameras.

Comprehensive Approach

Each sweep is approached comprehensively by our experts who analyze all areas of concern within your premises – from physical spaces to communication systems  and data storage devices.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every client has unique needs regarding their privacy and security concerns. At TSS, we offer tailored solutions based on individual requirements. Whether you require a one-time sweep to rule out or confirm a concern or ongoing monitoring services for corporate environments or private residences, we have plans to fit your needs.

Experience Across Industries

With successful TSCM sweeps conducted across various industries such as government agencies, financial institutions, technology companies, and high-profile individuals, our experience ranges from small businesses to large corporations. We understand the specific challenges each unique industry faces when it comes to safeguarding sensitive information from potential eavesdropping or surveillance threats.

Proven Track Record

Our track record speaks volumes – consistently delivering results by identifying hidden bugs, detecting unauthorized signals, locating vehicle trackers, and providing actionable recommendations for enhanced security measures. Our commitment extends beyond neutralizing threats; educating clients on best practices for maintaining a secure environment is also important.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Protecting your personal and corporate data is crucial. Our team follows strict protocols in TSCM sweeps to ensure confidentiality. Regular sweeps also offer peace of mind and proactive protection against privacy breaches.

Meticulous Investigation

We leave no stone unturned when performing our sweeps. We meticulously search for any signs of eavesdropping or unauthorized surveillance devices within your premises with unwavering attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Diverse Industry Experience

Over the years, we have conducted successful counter surveillance sweeps across various industries including government agencies, financial institutions, corporate C-suites, headquarters offices of public utilities, and private individuals seeking enhanced privacy measures. Our ability to adapt to different environments while consistently delivering exceptional results sets us apart from others in the field.

Secure Your Privacy and Act Now If You Suspect Surveillance

Should you have concerns that your environments – whether it’s your office, residence, or vehicles – may be subjected to unauthorized surveillance, we urge you to initiate contact from a position of safety. It is paramount that you reach out using a secure line or device. To help ensure a swift and secure response from our team:

  • Use our contact form and let us know your preferred method of communication along with essential details pertinent to your situation.

  • Alternatively, you may call us directly at 719-301-3931 for immediate assistance.

Our priority is to ensure your peace of mind by addressing and neutralizing any surveillance threats with utmost confidentiality and efficiency. Trust in our expertise to safeguard your privacy. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation.

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