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The Electronic Surveillance Threat

Signs of Technical Surveillance To Watch For

If you detect any of the red flags listed below in your workspace, residence, or around your vehicle, and you’re worried about concealed cameras, audio transmitters, or tracking devices, we urge you to reach out to us at TSS from a safe location promptly for a gratis consultation. Be sure not to make the call around a suspected area, cordless phone, or any cell phone that raises your suspicion.

Take heed if you notice any of the following:

  • Confidential business information or trade secrets are somehow known by others.
  • The outcomes of your confidential meetings somehow become public knowledge.
  • People seem to be aware of your activities when they shouldn’t be.
  • Strange sounds or volume changes are detected on your phone lines.
  • You have noticed static, popping, or scratching sounds on your phone lines.
  • Sounds emanate from your phone handset when it’s on the hook.
  • Your AM/FM radio experiences unusual interference.
  • You’re a burglary victim, yet nothing was stolen.
  • Electrical wall plates seem tampered with or slightly moved.
  • A small, dime-sized discoloration appears out of nowhere on the wall or ceiling.
  • An item with potential surveillance capabilities such as a desk radio, digital clock, lamp, or desk weather station is gifted by a vendor.
  • A small bump or deformation surfaces on the vinyl baseboard near the floor.
  • Wooden baseboards or wall guards appear to have been tampered with or pried from the wall.
  • Items like smoke detectors, wall clocks, lamps, or exit signs appear slightly off-balance, have a small hole, or display a suspicious reflective surface.
  • Any item mysteriously appears in your vicinity and no one knows its origin.
  • Dry wall dust or debris is scattered on the floor adjacent to the wall.
  • Small pieces of ceiling tiles are found on the floor or desk surface.
  • Cracked, chipped, or gouged ceiling tiles are noticed, or ceiling tiles seem to sag or aren’t properly set in the support frame without any credible explanation.

This is not an exhaustive list of surveillance signals.

The vast spread of electronic surveillance devices worldwide is a stark truth. Countless surveillance devices of varied types worth billions are imported to the United States annually, leading one to question their destinations and uses.

The emphasis on cyber threats as a significant danger to information theft recently, while valid, only accounts for a fraction of intellectual property, business information, health data, personal identifiable information (PII), and other sensitive data stolen annually. Traditional physical attacks, including social engineering, information elicitation from disgruntled employees, window spying via drones, and organizational infiltration, to name a few, remain a colossal threat to such data. Strangely, even in this age of readily available document shredders, dumpster diving continues to pose a significant risk.

Our comprehensive course will apprise you of the following concerning electronic surveillance:

  • Its definition
  • Its history and current trends
  • The denial or ‘normalcy bias’ factor and ‘the toilet paper tube syndrome’ – the lack of acknowledgment, policies, and countermeasures.
  • The differences and similarities between Cyber and electronic surveillance attacks.
  • The major threats posed by electronic surveillance.
  • The necessity of integrating cyber and physical security.
  • The methods deployed for electronic surveillance attacks.
  • The surveillance devices used and emerging threats.
  • Preventive strategies to minimize these threats.

In line with TSS’s core principles, the course content is flexible and adaptable to suit each client’s needs. Contact us for a complementary dialogue about your concerns and requirements.

Always remember – “When in doubt, there is no doubt.”

Detecting/Locating Hidden Cameras In Areas Of Privacy

Unearthing Hidden Cameras: A Call for Privacy

Global occurrences of hidden cameras or “spy cams” in spaces where privacy is sacred (think restrooms, changing rooms, camp cabins, Airbnb accommodations, and hotel suites) have escalated significantly. These easy-to-obtain gadgets are a click away on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and EBay in the US. The range is extensive, from basic recording devices to advanced cell-enabled, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth devices, which can be operated from any corner of the globe, given a cell service or Wi-Fi connection.

Unfortunate as it is, the presence of such devices has become a “predictable” factor, a risk that reasonably can’t be overlooked. If a camera is discovered by a “victim”, and it surfaces that you or your organization lacked “due diligence” in employing protective measures against such threats, you or your organization could be held responsible under the theory of deliberate indifference.

TSS offers comprehensive training courses that will equip you to deal with such situations. The topics covered include:

  • A brief on the gravity of the issue
  • Potential hiding spots for hidden cameras
  • Signs to watch out for
  • Identification of devices and usual hiding tactics – an array of common devices will be displayed during the training for attendees to inspect and familiarize themselves with real devices.
  • Understanding the value of situational awareness and comprehension in pinpointing hidden cameras
  • Guidelines on conducting a thorough search for hidden cameras in your property, hotel, or rented space (think Airbnb and the likes), including the necessary tools and equipment.
  • Establishing a random yet systemized inspection process to mitigate this threat and maintaining relevant documentation.

BE PROACTIVE – Contact us for a free consultation. This program can be combined with an advanced TSCM survey.

Protecting Sensitive Information When Traveling

Secure Your Sensitive Information On-The-Go

Who is this counter surveillance course for? It’s designed for anyone who travels with delicate digital or printed data, particularly when venturing abroad.

Vacation travelers, preoccupied with the anticipation of a restful escape, often overlook their vulnerability to identity theft, electronic device theft, or violation of their device’s data.

Business travelers are increasingly becoming a target for a wide array of adversaries eager to appropriate intellectual property, procure business insight, or acquire trade secrets for competitive benefits. The risk of information theft lurks at the airport, on your flight, upon arriving at your destination, while commuting in a taxi, in your hotel lobby, and even in your hotel room. Foes will resort to everything from simple trickery to using intoxicants, deceptive operatives, or brazen theft to access your personal or professional data. Even the taxi driver who claims limited English proficiency can pose a threat while you’re on a business call or discussing an upcoming deal.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in semi-permissive or hostile areas also face significant threats. NGOs are increasingly under the scrutiny of antagonistic governments employing tactics of visa revocation and expulsion of foreign personnel for visa contraventions. Often, these NGOs are targeted to gather contact details of national employees for possible retaliations, making the protection of sensitive information crucial for staff safety.

Our course ‘Secure Your Sensitive Information On-The-Go’ helps you understand common threats and advises on ways to mitigate or eliminate them. This course doesn’t just limit itself to travel safety but also addresses the broader aspect of sensitive data protection.

We’re happy to offer this training at the conclusion of a TSCM inspection for your convenience.

As counter-espionage and information protection specialists TSS strives to ensure your privacy is protected, no matter where you are. Contact us to get started.

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