Protecting Sensitive Information When Traveling

Who should attend this course?  Anyone who travels with sensitive digital or printed information in their possession, especially when traveling overseas.

Vacation travelers, distracted by their thoughts of a relaxing time away from home, seldom think of their exposure to identify theft or theft of the electronic devices they’re carrying on their trip, or exploitation of the information contained in their various devices.

Business travelers are increasingly targeted by a host of adversaries intent on exploiting intellectual property, mining business information, or obtaining trade secrets in order to gain market advantage.  The threat of information theft exists while at the airport, on an airplane, upon arrival at your destination, while traveling in a taxi, in your hotel lobby, and in your hotel room (especially your hotel room).  Adversaries will go to great lengths  to get to your personal or business information ranging from simple elicitation to the use of intoxicants to subterfuge using operatives of the opposite sex to blatant theft by making entry into your hotel room by any one of a number of methods.  How about that cab driver who claims to speak limited English?  Does the driver pose a threat while you’re talking on your mobile phone or are chatting with a work associate regarding an impending business deal?

Representatives of non-government organizations (NGO’s) operating in semi-permissive environments or in regions where the government is hostile toward outsiders are also at risk.  NGO’s are increasingly coming under scrutiny from hostile governments who have adopted a tactic of revoking visas and expelling expat personnel for violation of visa conditions and restraints.  Frequently these NGO’s are targeted by the government for the purpose of gathering the contact information of national staff working in their organizations for subsequent reprisals.  Protection of sensitive information becomes critical to ensure staff safety.

Our course on Protecting Sensitive Information When Traveling will help you understand the threats and what measures you should take to reduce or eliminate those threats.  The information imparted during this course will also extend to the protection of sensitive information in a general sense.

This training can be provided at the conclusion of a TSCM inspection for your convenience.