The Hidden Camera Epidemic

Detecting / Locating Spy Cameras in Areas of Privacy

The frequency of hidden cameras or “spy cams” being found in “Areas of Privacy” (rest rooms, locker rooms, clothing changing areas, youth camp cabins, Airbnb bedrooms, and hotel rooms) has reached epidemic levels world-wide. These devices are readily available off numerous internet sites in the US such as Amazon, Walmart, and EBay to mention a few. Cameras range from simple recording devices to cell-enabled devices to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled devices which can be monitored remotely from anywhere in the world as long there is cell service or a Wi-Fi connection.

The discovery of hidden cameras has become so common that the phenomenon can safely be described a “predictable.” That is, a reasonable person can infer that there is a probability these devices will be encountered. If a camera is found by a “victim” and it is later determined that you or your organization did not exercise “due diligence” in ensuring that protective measures were taken to minimize this threat you and/or your organization could be held liable for inaction.

This familiarization training covers the following topics:

  • An overview of the problem
  • Where hidden cameras are most likely to be found
  • Clues to look for
  • What devices look like and common concealments – a large selection of common devices will be available during the training to allow attendees to examine and familiarize themselves with actual devices.
  • The importance of situational awareness AND situational understanding in recognizing or locating hidden cameras
  • How to conduct a search for hidden cameras in your facility, hotel, or rental space (Airbnb and similar) as well as tools and equipment required.
  • How to establish a random yet systematic inspection process to minimize this threat and maintain important documentation.

BE PROACTIVE — Contact us for a complementary consultation. This course could be scheduled in conjunction with an advanced TSCM survey.